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Charles Cook

Born and raised in the UAE, Iโ€™m half British, half Lebanese, and grew up in various countries across the Middle East, Africa and Europe. Iโ€™m now based in the UK.

Iโ€™m an experienced operations exec who helps startups to scale from seed to growth stage and beyond. I oversee all things ops, marketing, finance, people and legal at PostHog. I was previously COO at Vitl, (personalised nutrition), and before that I held various roles including Director of Product at ROLI (music hardware and software).

I love terrible jokes, beautifully crafted sandwiches and looking at designer houses I will never live in. I like to occasionally torment my son with my piano playing and spend more time than is probably reasonable making lists of things, ร  la High Fidelity.

What Iโ€™m doing now

VP Operations & Marketing @ PostHog

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Partner @ hedgehog.vc

Where Iโ€™ve worked before

COO @ Vitl

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Director of Product @ ROLI

See LUMI in action - the worldโ€™s first all-in-one platform for learning piano at home.

Places Iโ€™ve studied

Reading list

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Music I like