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Charles Cook's CV

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Charles Cook

Born and raised in the UAE, I’m half British, half Lebanese, and grew up in various countries across the Middle East, Africa and Europe. I’m now based in the UK.

I’m an experienced operations exec who helps startups to scale from seed to growth stage and beyond. I oversee all things ops, marketing, finance, people and legal at PostHog. I was previously COO at Vitl, (personalised nutrition), and before that I held various roles including Director of Product at ROLI (music hardware and software).

I love terrible jokes, beautifully crafted sandwiches and looking at designer houses I will never live in. I like to occasionally torment my son with my piano playing and spend more time than is probably reasonable making lists of things, à la High Fidelity.

What I’m doing now

VP Operations & Marketing @ PostHog

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Partner @ hedgehog.vc

Where I’ve worked before

COO @ Vitl

Take a free personalised consultation, backed by leading medical professionals.

Director of Product @ ROLI

See LUMI in action - the world’s first all-in-one platform for learning piano at home.

Places I’ve studied

Reading list

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Music I like